San Antonio, United States

MIGHTY WOMAN OF GOD. I am a daughter of ZION, whose name means, “I have chosen THIS ONE for MYSELF.”

LaDonna J Hite is a Strong and Mighty Woman of GOD. She is a servant of the MOST HIGH GOD, The GOD of Israel, The GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Clothed in the garment of humility and desperate for GOD'S anointing presence in her life, GOD breathed on LaDonna J Hite wisdom for the asking of it, to benefit generations to come for kingdom building and advancement in Jesus Christ. His grace is found and His perfect peace gives her life.

"God has a perfect plan for your life! Be willing and responsible in your purpose! Activate your FAITH!"

Stop to go nowhere that is not conducive to learning! Learn how to learn warnings! Repeated success in failure! Doomed and Gloom!

"I don't do partiality to sin! I'm either for it or against it! It hurts me when I sin... badly! So why should I minimize my effect? I’m gonna move, until I find FAVOR! GOD keeps helping me!"